HSE Policy

The IPSG management is deeply concerned with accident prevention by eliminating its causes or at least controlling them at acceptable level.

Management highly recognizes that accident prevention and control is a good business, it control unnecessary costs, conserving our highly skilled manpower against personal injuries, and health hazards, protecting our property against damage, our process against loss, our environment against harm, it maintain the excellent reputation of our company, further more it prevent the wastage time and effort.

To achieve the above core objective IPSG Management teamwork is always committed themselves to the following targets:

  • Comply to the international and local HSE laws and regulations to avoid civil liabilities

  • To report and properly investigate all accidents/incidents in order to assess it’s real causes

  • To develop the required, training programs, for Managers, Supervisory, and Employees to improve knowledge and skills, for safe, efficient, and in due time, standard performance

  • To keep open eye on the HSE international performance standard for maintaining continual improvement

  • To adhere our client HSE policy objectives and target, permits and rules to establish and maintain mutual trust and future beneficial cooperation

  • It is also the policy of this company to expect that all of our employees will comply with and adhere all measures taken to ensure their and others safety, healthy environment, efficient process, integrity of the property, through following the procedures & rules, assessing all risks for adequate controls prior being started their work

  • It is also the company policy to maintain good condition of our equipment and machinery, for safe performance by conducting adequate inspection program, and maintain employees welfare and standard leadership and supervision, in order to avoid stresses for safe & efficient inputs

We will cooperate with all concerned in general and our clients in particular to achieve the IPSG policy objectives and targets

Eng. Sherif Gabr

IPSG CEO & MD            


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